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Computer Science Department
California State University
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Office: 5012 Riverside Hall
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Current Courses:

CSC 20: Programming Concepts and Methodology II
CSC 152/252: Cryptography

Courses Often Taught By Me:

CSC 20: Programming Concepts and Methodology II (Every semester)
CSC 140: Advanced Algorithm Design and Analysis (Spring of even-numbered years)
CSC 152: Cryptography (Fall)
CSC 252: Cryptography Theory and Practice (Fall)

I have also taught CSC 1, 15, 28, 130, 132, 148, 151 and 206, but not recently.

Research and Projects:

My research focuses on efficient and provably secure symmetric cryptography, especially universal hashing and its applications. If you are interested in working on a supervised project, please read this.


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